Safety & Toy Care


Please take heed of our product warnings on our labels. DO NOT give toys with small parts unsupervised to children under the age of 3 or who still place items in their mouth. Our natural wooden baby toys however have been specifically designed to be safe for children 3 and under. If you have any doubt to the safety of a toy in regards to it being a choking hazard you can download a DIY Choke Checking Tool here via Product Safety Australia.

Our painted toys are painted with certified non-toxic Australian made paint and sealed with food grade eco-friendly sealers. Completely safe and non toxic. For copies of MSDS certification please email us. We strongly advise that all toys be inspected before being given to children. Proper maintenance and care of your toys is advised to ensure a safe, long lasting heirloom toy.


Care Instructions 

All timber products should last a lifetime when the wood is prevented from drying out or from moisture penetrating into the timber.  We recommend using a beeswax polish that is food grade and not the ones available in hardware stores that are designed for furniture, these types of beeswax mixes are unsafe for children as they contain toxic chemical thinners. It is also important to consider where the beeswax has been sourced, as often beeswax can contain toxic pesticide residues. 

Our baby rattles and teethers may require additional care due to constant mouthing, we recommend using regular applications of a food grade oil such as coconut oil.

  • Involving children in the care and maintenance of their wooden toys is a fun activity and helps develop a reverence for their toys. 

  • Place a small dab of beeswax polish on a soft, lint free rag and wipe over toy, allow a few minutes for the beeswax to soak in and then gently buff off.

DO NOT use chemical based cleaning products or wash wooden toys directly in water. This will remove the protective beeswax coating, it will also damage the paint and raise the grain of the timber destroying its silky smooth finish. Soaking a wooden toy in water will allow moisture to enter deep into the timber structure which often causes mildew and mold growth. 


Antibacterial  Treatment

If you require to treat the surface area of a wooden toy for germs, we recommend wiping the toys with diluted vinegar. Dilute vinegar in a bowl of water at 50:50 ratio, soak a soft cloth and then wring out excess moisture. Wipe the wooden toy surface with the cloth. After cleaning reapply the beeswax toy butter. Both the vinegar and the beeswax are proven to be naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal.  


Spare Parts and Repairs

Our mission is to create toys that last for many years. From time to time toys can experience unforeseen issues such as a beloved pet chewing on a piece or pieces going missing. We can help to replace parts and make repairs, pop us a message if your loved toy is needing some TLC and we'll try and help. Visit our How to Buy page for our warranty and repair policy.