Our Story So Far

Hi I'm Mel, the dreamer of Miss Molly's. We started our little toy business humbly, just a few dolls made on our family dining table.

Here is our story so far...


I had a background in visual arts and many years working in Steiner early childhood, but in 2012 while I was staying at home raising our young children I began searching for something to soothe my creative soul. I found myself returning to my first love of dollmaking. I had made my first doll when I was 14 and through my life it has always been something I had loved doing. The simple act of making a few dollies soon snowballed into me starting a little online business, Miss Molly's Dolls.


A Miss Molly's Doll circa 2015

One day I asked my husband Dave if he might like to make me a dolly chair for one of the dolls I had just finished. I had always known Dave was amazing at wood work, but I was blown away at just how gorgeous this little dolly size chair was. From there he started making doll furniture, accessories and eventually toys.  Miss Molly's Dolls soon became Miss Molly's Toys.


 Dave's first spindle dolly chair

Dave has been working with wood his whole life, learning alongside his father and grandfather, with many of the tools he uses still to this day having been past down to him. Professionally he has a trade background in metal work, manufacturing and production management, but like me he has a creative heart and a love for handcrafting.

In 2015 we thought we might l like to try our hand at a market stall and applied for Handmade Canberra. We were completely shocked when we got in and have been on a massive learning curve ever since. 


Our stall at Handmade Canberra

Today we live in beautiful East Gippsland in Victoria, snuggled between the great dividing range and Bass Strait. Surrounded by farms, native animals and by stories that grow from within the local landscape that inspire our toymaking. We have moved on from the family dining table, with Dave establishing his own workshop in Bairnsdale industrial area, while I work out of my studio in the countryside, in a valley on the way to Fairy Dell.

Miss Molly's Studio

Our children who were once little when I crafted my first Miss Molly Doll are now a lot bigger, they are growing up in and around the mayhem of Miss Molly's toymaking, learning along side us just as Dave learnt so much of his skill alongside his father and grandfather. This year our 17 year old daughter Hannah joins us working in the studio, making Miss Molly's a true family business. 

We love what we do and are so grateful for the support of our loyal customers, many of whom have been buying our toys since the very beginning. We love seeing our toys move through families, from one sibling to another, after all the best thing about traditional toys is they are timeless and often become family heirlooms and we think that's pretty wonderful. 

Mel xx


Just a few of our 120 designs