About Miss Molly's

Wooden Toys made in Australia

Meet the Makers 

Hello we are Mel & Dave, artisan toymakers from beautiful country East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Miss Molly's began in 2012 when I was at home with my small children. I had a background in visual arts and early childhood and began a little dolly making business from our family dining room table. One day I asked my husband Dave if he would like to make a little chair for my handcrafted dolls and from there everything snowballed. 

It is no surprise that Dave is gifted in toymaking, he was taught wood and metal work by his father and grandfather and still to this day uses tools that have been handed down to him. He also has a background in metal work and production management. 

Our toymaking has grown through our collaborating and unique skill sets; Dave's stunning woodworking and my stories and imaginations that have come from over 2 decades of working with young children. For the last 5 years we have been selling our toys through the fabulous Handmade Canberra market. However we have recently moved to selling our toys exclusively online.

We work from our workshop in Bairnsdale and our studio situated in a quiet little valley on the way to Fairy Dell. East Gippsland definitely inspires our toymaking with all the farms, forests, gardens and beaches that surround us.


Miss Molly's handmade toys

 About our Classic Wooden Toys

Our toymaking business began with just a handful of designs; some dollies, a car, a truck and some baby rattles. Today Miss Molly’s has established 2 distinct ranges, with our toys & dolls. Our Classic Wooden Toys has grown into our extensive collection of beautiful and imaginative wheelie toys, puzzles, stackers, jigsaws, play-shapes and all natural organic baby toys. We currently have almost 70 toys in our Classic Wooden Toy range, and growing.

The timbers used in our wooden toys include; certified sustainable Australian forestry products, recycled Australian hardwoods and a small selection of timbers we directly collect, forage and process ourselves. We are very aware of only using timbers that are eco-friendly while also choosing the most beautiful of Australian hardwoods. We primarily use Australian pine, Victorian ash, river red gum and walnut, all low toxic timbers and locally sourced.

Imported timbers are often fumigated with pesticides and fungicides, by choosing sustainably sourced Australian timbers, not only do we have simply the most beautiful timbers, but also a very safe, chemical free product which is ideal for children's toys.

Every wooden toy is double sanded. This extra step is what makes our toys so lovely to touch and play with, its the time we spend getting each toy silky smooth that we pride ourselves in. All of our wooden toys are made with certified non-toxic paints, glues and sealers and meet with the Australian standards for toy safety. If you are interested in learning more about toy safety issues please read our article on wooden toy safety.

 All our Classic Wooden Toys are ready made for immediate shipping, however if we do have a toy out of stock or if you would prefer a particular colour, we welcome custom toy orders. 

  miss mollys handmade dolls

About Miss Molly's Dolls 

Miss Molly's Dolls are true little works of toymaking art, with many hours and sometimes days going into the handcrafting of them.

I began making Waldorf inspired traditional dolls over 20 years ago, initially for my own children and then for my family daycare room. I soon fell in love with their sweet dolly innocence and while I no longer work in early childhood, I still continue to create dolls.

The dolls I make are inspired by traditional European dolls, often featured in Steiner schools. The simplicity of their designs inspire little minds. They are purposely made with very little details so children can create the dolls expressions and personalities with their imaginations during play.

Every part of our artisan dolls have been crafted by hand, from the turning of a peg doll and tiny door handle to the crocheting of a hat or boot. Like the Classic Wooden Toy range, all our peg dolls are a collaboration of Dave & myself, with Dave’s beautiful woodworking and my imaginations and painting our little Peg doll world comes to life. Unlike many peg dolls made today, all Miss Molly Peggy’s are hand-turned from Australian Eucalyptus hardwood.

Our Waldorf dolls are made from pure Australian wool fleece, with their heads and faces being formed using traditional Waldorf doll methods.  

We only use natural sustainable materials in the making of our artisan dolls and, like our Classic toys,  are all non-toxic and designed to be play safe. All fibres used are natural cottons and wool. I only use wool fleece as the filler for the soft toys, you can read here about the benefits of wool for children's toys. 

Due to the time, love and care we put into our cloth and wooden dolls they are only available in small releases. While all of our peg doll designs are listed for custom orders, soft dolls and crochet toys are uploaded when they are finished.

We preview our upcoming releases and restocked toys in our newsletter & blog, so it’s worth subscribing if you have your heart on purchasing a particular piece of our work.

If you have any questions about our toys and artisan dolls please pop us a message via our contact page. 

Mel x