Miss Molly's Dolls is a beautiful collection of traditional, handmade dolls.

Our designs are reminiscent of the kind of dollies children have been playing with for many generations. Simple, handcrafted with love and made to be very special keepsakes. 

Our doll designs include sweet wooden peg dolls, classic rag dolls and beautiful Waldorf Dolls. Each one is made by hand with no two dolls ever truly the same, making them one of kind. 

From the turning of a peg doll and tiny door handle to the crocheting of a hat or boot, many hours go into creating them.  We only use natural sustainable materials and like our classic range are all non-toxic and designed to be play safe.

Due to the time, love and care we put into our cloth and wooden dolls they are only available as custom, made to order and small releases.

If you have any questions regarding our Australian Dolls & Dollhouses, please pop us a message via our contact page