Peg Doll Houses

Welcome to the World of Miss Molly's Peg Dolls

All of our Miss Molly Dollhouse Play Sets are custom orders. 
Please allow 2 to 6 weeks for handcrafting. 

Every peg doll needs a home. Our beautiful hand turned peg dolls have very special dollhouses to play in. Our designs include 2 styles, a classic playscape dollhouse and a 3 dimensional traditional dollhouse and tree house.

Our playscape dollhouses are perfect for little ones. Simple in design they are block style with a removable cut out door. Our plascapes come in many themes and can be used in block play as well as toy and story shelf displays. 

Our artisan dollhouses take many hours to handcraft and are very special keepsake pieces. We recommend these pieces should be for older children as they are have finer handcrafted timber components. Like our playscapes they include lots of play playshapes and unique peg dolls to engage little imaginations.

All our dollhouses are handcrafted right down to their tiny hand turned red gum door handles, are detailed with the wood burner, beautifully handpainted and finished with eco-friendly toy sealer and a buff of beeswax.

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