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Hey everyone!

Can you believe 2020!? The last time I opened up the blog to write something here we were recovering from the bushfires, wiping our brows, and saying phew that was a close one! Then the coronavirus blew up out of nowhere and hold on, the ride starts to get really interesting.

2020 the year of destruction and new life.

So let's jump back a few months, Miss Molly's was getting ready to dive into another Handmade Canberra, but a week or so out of the March market it was beginning to look a bit shakey. I think we spent more time in those first coronavirus weeks with the news on than we did even during the bushfire crisis. Which is an incredible thought, coz the news was on a lot during the fires. But finally the word came through that the world was shut down, and that included Handmade Canberra market. 

Preparations for Handmade Canberra became frozen in time.

Hmm now what?

Suddenly we were forced to stop, breathe, and really prioritise the important things, and reimagine our life without markets. What did that on earth look like? Perhaps it was time for a change? 

Isolation isn't so bad.
Time at home gave us the opportunity to bring forward an idea that had been brewing in the background of Miss Molly's for a long time. No markets has meant we can prioritise our online shop and dedicate our time completely to being an online business. And after a few weeks we are really loving the change. Life is a lot simpler and it is so lovely to give all our customers the opportunity to be able to purchase from us, not just those attending the markets. 

Our website up and running.

Enter the World of Miss Molly's Dolls. We have broken all of our peg doll designs into 4 themes that match in with the seasons. So as we release our quarterly collections, you travel around a little map visiting all the characters that have played in my imagination for what seems like years. 

The World of Miss Molly's

We have all but finished Autumn, with one final Autumn release scheduled for next Friday. We've introduced a new design to this collection, our barn set, which has been lovely. Its been so much fun living in a world of farm toys for a little bit. Tractors, barns, horses, chickens, and bees have filled my thoughts and while I've spent many hours painting the toys, I've been dreaming of stories and taking these Peggy's on adventures in my imagination. And who knows what may eventually come of that. 

Our latest design - The Miss Molly Barn

Next we jump into Winter and all that is magical about pixies and the forest. We are really loving working this way and hope you will enjoy seeing our toys as a series of collections. We will miss seeing all your faces at the markets but look forward to seeing you all again in the future. In the meantime if you'd like to follow our adventures why not sign on to our newsletter, and join us on Instagram.


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