1 Year On

Hi guys, its been a while since I've written a blog post. It was a regular event in my previous dolly and toymaking life to be blogging about what we were up to. I've really been inconsistent with new posts on this blog over the last year. We have been in a whirlwind of creating and markets, so its been hard to fit in blog topics into my overcrowded mind. I will definitely try and be more regular with posting and add some information about not only what we are doing but also continue to discuss natural toys and the value of them for young children. 


So its 1 year this month from us moving down into East Gippsland and working at Miss Molly's full time. We can't believe how much life has changed in a year. Our dreams of being a homesteading, home based business type of family has fallen to the wayside, we quickly realised that running a full time business and homesteading was not going to happen. Our vegie crop was a massive fail and East Gippsland has been in one of the hardest droughts in many a year, so our fruit trees are a mess. But our business is chugging along and in many ways has consumed us and is now very much our main focus. 

To everyone who is supporting our little business a huge thank you. It means the world to us. We did have a little dream of living by the sea and making toys and we are definitely achieving that, with or without bucket loads or organic fruit from our orchard.


When we first came down we concentrated on doing as many markets as we could to introduce our work. Just this month we realised that we simply couldn't keep up with the amount of markets we have been doing and meet the demand of wholesale and online orders, so we've had to restructure our business. We will be moving more to an online business model and not so many markets. But you'll still be able to visit us at a small select group of amazing events scattered throughout Eastern Australia, so keep an eye out on our markets page for the when and where. 

Dave has also moved out of the small home based workshop that we started out in into a factory unit in Bairnsdale's industrial area. This was an amazing step forward, giving us the space to grow that little bit bigger and increase our production. 

Handmade Heirloom Toys (1).png

So what's next as we move into our second year of full time toymaking, well we have big dreams for our little Miss Molly toy business, but our first step is introducing some exciting new designs and working hard at expanding and prioritising our online shop platform. 

The wooden toy business is a big one, however most wooden toys on the domestic market are currently manufactured in Europe and Asia. We love that we are part of a growing group of Australian toy businesses working to make Aussie toys for Aussie kids. We are also proud that our toys are also supporting Australian industry and jobs, through integrating sustainable Australian timbers, paints and finishes. You will be seeing a shift in our new toys as we start to use more and more beautiful Victorian ash timbers, locally processed in and around East Gippsland. 

Thanks again for visiting our website and blog, next post I'm planning to show you a sneaky look at some of our new toy designs.

Mel :-)

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