Our New Easter Designs

Easter Toys

After many of our customers asked for Easter toys Dave and I finally took a little bit of time away from our toymaking this last month to design a special Easter collection. We had so much fun working away on these, with lots of soft colours and sweet bunny imagery. 

Like our Christmas collection we have a lovely themed playscape which is perfect for the Easter nature table. Does it look familiar? This classic playscape design also matches with our Aussie Christmas playscape and would make a lovely matching pair.

To compliment our playscape we have 2 Easter themed peggy dolls, available in overall and dress designs. These sweet little dollies make lovely gifts and come with little Easter themed playshapes and like all our large peggy dolls they also come gift boxed. And of course it wouldn't be an Easter themed dolly without the cutest pair of bunny ears, our Easter peggy dolls come with delicately crocheted bunny bonnets.

One of our most popular toys that we create are stackers and puzzles. So much fun for little people to learn with. Stackers are great for toddlers first experiences with puzzles. They develop vertical sequencing and hand eye co-ordination by placing the individual piece holes onto the post. While jigsaws present a little more challenge they are perfect for preschoolers.

Our Easter stackers are fun and educational and include our new egg stackers and an imaginative hot air balloon with the cutest Easter bunny in its basket, because hot air balloons is the Easter Bunny's favoutite way to travel. While the Easter Bunny jigsaw will be a great addition to a preschoolers toy shelf over the Easter holidays.

To match with our sweet Miss Molly grey bunny themes we also have a matching bunny push toy. With wood burned pyrographic detailing and delicately painted colourings, this little bunny has handcrafted Victorian ash wheels and is perfect for wheelie floor play.

Finally we didn't forget our very littlest of people at Easter time and we have some beautiful natural hardwood Easter toys to introduce to our baby range. Our baby range is especially designed for children 2 and under. Beautiful natural timber, sealed with organic beeswax and with simple rounded designs. Included is the bunny themed heirloom baby collection, a rocking chicken and the most stunning bunny pull toy that is cleverly crafted so when it is pulled along it hippoty hops, bobbing up and down. This particular piece is made from the most stunning rare, vintage Queensland beech and rosewood timbers.

Both Dave and I are so happy with these Easter themed toys and we truly hope they will be a delight for the many families they go to.

***For delivery before Good Friday, orders will need to be received by Sunday 7th April.

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