How to Care for Wooden Toys? | Miss Molly's Toys

How to Care for Wooden Toys?

Choosing wooden toys for your home and children's play is often based on the belief that wooden toys are keepsakes, But having your toys in good condition in a generations time does depends on how well your care for your wooden toy.

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What Makes a Safe Wooden Toy? | Miss Molly's Toys

What Makes a Safe Wooden Toy?

Many people believe that wooden toys are a safer option in comparison to plastic. It is true that natural toys are a much better option, both for children and the environment, however there are pitfalls. Having some knowledge of what to look out for when buying wooden toys helps to make sure the toys you buy not only bring many years of joy to your family but confidence that they aren't potentially harmful.

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Why Wooden Toys are better than Plastic? | Miss Molly's Toys

Why Wooden Toys are better than Plastic?

The decision to avoid plastic toys is no longer obscure or strange, it is becoming more and more mainstream. It is fantastic to see a new generation of Mum’s and Dad’s value natural toys within their home and family. Here are my top 5 reasons to choose wooden toys, to help explain why avoiding plastic is the best option for our children.

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Benefits of Wool? | Miss Molly's Toys

Benefits of Wool?

Wooden toys last longer than plastic, look great, are more likely be the toys to be past from generation to generation and above all are better for the environment. But I thought I would add a little information on woollen toys and why they are a better alternative to mainstream soft toys.

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